Remembering Nepal

I close my eyes and remember Nepal:

I like the evenings of hot lemon water, honey and fresh ginger.
I like the orange bursting from the woman’s cloth wrapped around her neck.
I like the man and his family who welcomed us for lunch everyday.
I like the patterned umbrellas floating around the Stupa.
I like the dogs in the streets and want to take care of them.
I like the doorways and the strangers that sit in them.
I like the blue, wooden wagon full of vegetables from a local farm.
I like the prayer flags hanging in clusters around the Stupa.
I like the clouds breaking up and thinking of home.
I like the children playing in the streets as I walk by.
I like the hardworking shopkeepers willing to negotiate.
I like the randomness of black boots left behind.
I like the adolescent monks and wonder what their favorite books are.
I like the graceful flowers filling the wind with joy.





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